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Beginning Appalachian Dulcimer

Get acquainted with your dulcimer and learn to tune, pick strum, and improvise! Learn a few scales, your first folk song, and be ready to learn a ton more tunes after seeing this video!

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Beginning Appalachian Dulcimer w/ Bradley Fish:
A 26 minute instructional 2-camera video packed with everything you need to know to get started playing Mountain Dulcimer, taught in a relaxed style by Bradley Fish! Fish has released 3 CDs of musical loops for SONY and has a B.A. degree in guitar/world music. He's played dulcimer for the Dali Lama of Tibet in front of tens of thousands of people, shared the stage with a number of artists that played at Woodstock, and works worldwide as a studio musician. He's been teaching dulcimer for 25 years and gets YOU started off right! After this video, you'll have the basics down and be making music! You'll Learn:

  • The names of the parts of the dulcimer
  • Mixolydian Tuning (+ How to tune w/ a tuner)
  • How to hold the pick and noter
  • Picking patterns
  • Strumming patterns
  • The Major Scale
  • The Mixolydian Scale
  • Improvisation (learn to Jam!)
  • The folk song "Old Mc Donald's Farm"
  • & More!
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